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Administrators fitnescentrum HERKULES & DIANA

Gym manager: Bc. Patrik Jurovčík herkules [at] garda.sk
- Each member is required to be beeped at the entrance. If he does not beep and will be caught by any of the administrators, he will be penalized by withdrawl from membership. Its reactivation will be in the amount of annual payment!
- It is forbidden to borrow the card to other persons as well as to allow foreign persons into the gym that do not have the membership paid.
- The areas is monitored by video camera. The person concerned will be financially punished in the case of proof of damage occurring in the fitness center’s premises.
Bc. Patrik Jurovčík gym manager, gym administrator
Bc. Daniel Thomka gym administrator
Bc. Adrián Perháč gym administrator
Bc. Justína Čuchorová gym administrator
Pavol Klein gym administrator
Bc. Dominik Štrba gym administrator
Ing. Markus Melicher technical support
Tombo :)) technical support,ex-manager